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Through a partnership with Be Angels
Topos supports innovative projects and helps entrepreneurs to raise professional business capital.

Be Angels connects innovative companies in their seed and early stage to equity finance and coaching by experienced angel investors. The network is 180 members strong and has been assisting innovative entrepreneurs to find coaching and financing for more than 30 millions Euros in the last 17 years.

Practical information

Business Angels are a precious source of financing. They are also experimented and select their projects based on their capacity to add value to the business through their network of contacts, managerial or entrepreneurial experience on top of their capital. They often have an address book that can help you to gain time and credibility.

The selection process of Be Angels

The best way to submit your innovative project to Be Angels is to fill in an application field on our secure platform that you can find on our website. This application field is a mandatory first step.
At first, our team will analyse and select your project based on the information you provided in the application field. Our team will contact you if your project is likely to interest the members of the Be Angels’ Network.
Then, you will have to convince our selection committee before the presentation in front of our Business Angels. During this selection committee you will have 7 minutes for your presentation and 7 minutes to answer questions. This selection committee is composed by members of the Be Angels’s team and by several active private investors. It meets once a month.
According to the results of the selection committee, you will be invited to present your project during a Forum with our private investors. You will have 10 to 15 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes to answer questions. If some private investors are interested in your project, we will connect you to each other.