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We very quickly had a working environment available 24/24H & 7/7J, which does not block us in our other occupations. The possibility of making appointments in prestigious places such as Avenue Louise, Schuman or Mérode give credibility to our work.

Nathan Soret - Célestin de Wergifosse, Young Change Maker

The working environment at Topos allows everyone to work efficiently.
It is a gratifying and friendly place.

Manuel Veiga Branco, Jani King

Topos is a pleasant structure and an impressive setting. It gives an image of presence to people and brings the necessary credibility to our group. It is not just an office, but a friendly space where we also have access to parking, a kitchen, meeting rooms and where we can organize events. The young people with whom we collaborate are often impressed by the building and the setting proposed by Topos. Actually it’s not just an office but everything that goes with it. The whole gives a pleasant impression.


Célestin de Wergifosse, Yong Change Maker

As well as being well located, Topos also has great buildings. It is essential in order to have a good image for the company.
The staff is always kind and friendly to the client.

June Curiel, LIBERTY

I chose TOPOS for its location. In the heart of Brussels, it is very easy to go to appointments or to receive our customers. The standing of the building is also important because it affects the image that is given to employees. Finally, the professionalism of the reception service, which lightens our administrative tasks as much as possible.

Ayoub Assabban, Co-Fondateur Benjago